Tow Truck Service in Duluth | What The Fluids Under Your Car Indicate

When you back out of the driveaway, or pull out of a parking spot, and see a puddle of fluids under your car, you’re immediately concerned that something is wrong. Not every puddle is an indication that you need to call for a tow truck service in Duluth, however. There are a few signs you can look for that will tell you whether you should worry or not, but one of the biggest is what color the fluids are.

Brake Fluid- When your brake fluid is brand new, it will be clear; however over time, brake fluid turns brown. If the fluid is oily or feels slippery when you touch it and is brownish or clear, it could be brake fluid, and if this is the issue, you should not drive and instead get a tow truck service in Duluth to get your car to the mechanic.

Radiator Fluid- If the puddle underneath the car is green or yellow, it is definitely coolant/radiator fluid. If you see this under your car, you should not drive; otherwise, you are risking damage to your engine. Call a tow truck service in Duluth to get you to the shop.

Transmission Fluid- Reddishbrown liquid underneath your car can be a transmission fluid leak, especially if the fluid is thick, like oil or even thicker. If the puddle was located in the center of where the car was parked, that is another indicator of a failed transmission system. You probably won’t be able to start your car, much less pull out of the driveway.

Power Steering Fluid- Often mistaken for transmission fluid, power steering fluid is located towards the front of the car rather than the center. The placement is usually the only way you can tell between transmission and power steering fluid. Cars can still drive without power steering fluid, but the steering will be difficult.

Whenever you are having trouble with your vehicle or notice leaks underneath, you should always have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. Some mechanical failures will not be noticeable right away but could cause major problems while driving. Don’t risk injuring yourself or others on the road.

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