Towing in Duluth | Auto Maintenance Tips for Winter

Towing in Duluth | Winter is right around the corner, and it’s time to begin your annual winter car maintenance to ensure you are safe on the road. Even the best car maintenance can’t always prevent you from needing towing in Duluth, but if you take care of your car, the likelihood of breakdowns is much less likely. Follow these tips from our company that provides towing in Duluth before the winter snowstorms stall your fun on the road.

1. Change the Oil- At the beginning of the winter season, you should get an oil change and consider choosing a thinner oil if temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. Synthetic motor oil is also much better to use than conventional oil because of its anti-friction properties that will help your oil last longer. When you get an oil change, ask for the full-service oil change that includes having all your fluids topped off and an inspection.

2. Tires- Many people who end up needing winter towing in Duluth need it because of their tires blowing out, going flat, or being terrible in the snow and landing them in a ditch. Make sure your tires have plenty of treads and consider upgrading to snow tires. Make sure you check your tire pressure every few weeks, especially if the temperature is fluctuating a lot.

3. Battery- Have your battery tested before the winter season starts to make sure it has enough charge to start even if harsh temperatures. Batteries need to have at least 12.4 volts and be full to the line marked on the battery. Make sure your battery cables are in good condition and not frayed or loose as well.

Sometimes we need roadside assistance even when we have completed all the recommended winter maintenance, and when that happens you need to call a company offering towing in Duluth that you can trust, such as Virgil’s Auto. Give them a call next time you need a tow at 507-216-9012.