Towing Service in Duluth | The Information You Need Before Calling a Tow

Towing Service in Duluth | There comes a time in every Minnesota driver’s life where they will need to call a towing service in Duluth. Whether you run out of gas, have an accident, or a tire blows out, tow trucks are a vital part of roadside assistance and safety. However, the circumstances can be stressful already, so you’ll want the towing process to go as smoothly as possible. The best way to make this happen is to have all the information the company will ask for ready and handy when you make the call.

Here’s what you need to be able to tell the towing service:

Your Location

Make/Model of Your Vehicle

Insurance Information

Address the Car Needs to Go

You’ll need to be as detailed as possible when telling the towing service in Duluth all four of these pieces of information. If you break down or have a flat on the highway or interstate, you’ll need to be especially detailed when pinpointing your location. If possible, try getting the GPS coordinates of where you are at using your smartphone maps application or phone locator application. If you can’t get the exact location, you need to let the tow company know what mile marker or exit you are near.

If you end up needing a towing service in Duluth while you are in town and you aren’t sure where you are at, try walking down to the nearest corner to read the street signs. You might also be able to tell the operator the nearest landmark you see.

When you need a tow for your vehicle, you need to call a company you can trust in Duluth. Virgil’s Towing can be there when you need them if you call 507-216-9012.