Tow Truck Service in Duluth | Roadside Assistance Scams You’ll Never Suspect

While it isn’t fun to talk about, cars break down, and you can be in a moment of peril. While you are vulnerable and in a moment of need, there are people out there that will take advantage of your situation and leave you in even worse trouble. You might not expect a towing truck service in Duluth to be a scam artist, but they can pop up anywhere, and drivers need to beware. There are five big red flags that should signal you that the person you are talking to is trying to scam you.

1. Unsolicited Service- If you’re stranded and a tow truck shows up that you didn’t call, you should not accept their help. Tow truck service in Duluth charges by the mile, and it is doubtful that a truck will stop and pull over to help when they haven’t been called. If the tow truck is unmarked, this is an even bigger red flag. Get inside your vehicle and lock the doors to be safe.

2. Added Fees- If you call a tow truck service in Duluth and they quote you one price but then up the charge with added fees once they are onsite and your vehicle is hooked up, you’re dealing with scammers. When you are on the phone with a tow truck service in Duluth, make sure you get the full quote and don’t be afraid to refuse service if the company wants to increase the price onsite.

3. Single Destination Towing- Avoid working with tow truck services in Duluth that will only tow to a single destination. Legitimate companies will tow to your home, a mechanic, or other address and charge you a mileage fee. If the tow truck company only tows to one mechanic shop, you might be charged storage fees by the mechanic or other extra costs.

4. Not Accepting Roadside Assistance Programs- You don’t want to work with a tow truck service in Duluth that doesn’t recognize roadside assistance programs because the company might not be credentialled. The company might also offer substandard service.

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