Towing in Duluth | Most Dangerous Weather Conditions to Drive-In

Towing in Duluth | Most Dangerous Weather Conditions to Drive In. Driving is dangerous enough as it is, but when you factor in hazardous weather conditions the risk of accidents and going off the road, climbs up tremendously. Bad weather creates bad road conditions, and drivers can end up needing towing in Duluth more than they want to if they don’t beware of these dangerous weather conditions.

1. Heavy Rain- One of the most common and most dangerous driving hazards in sudden heavy rains. Heavy rain makes braking harder and can cause hydroplaning, skidding, and reduced visibility. Heavy rain can also cause flash flooding, which can leave your vehicle stranded and waterlogged.

2. High Winds- Cars are heavy, but high winds can go underneath the car and cause the handling to be difficult. Some people over-steer in high winds and can end up going off the road or veering into the cars next to them. Don’t be afraid to pull over in high winds.

3. Ice and Snow- Accidents are always more likely when there is ice and snow covering the roads. Even trucks, SUVs, and cars with snow tires can end up stranded in a ditch and needing towing in Duluth to get them out. Make sure you review how to carefully drive in winter weather before going out on the road every winter.

4. Fog- Dense fog is hard to drive in because you can’t always see in front of you. Headlights can reflect the light back at you in the fog and make it harder to see while driving. If you have fog lights, you should use them. You can also turn your hazard lights on to warn cars behind you that there is a vehicle up ahead they may not be able to see.

If dangerous weather conditions have you stranded on the side of the road or stuck in a ditch and you need towing in Duluth, call Virgil’s Auto at 507-216-9012.