Towing Service Duluth | Don’t Use Your Car to Pull Another Car Out of the Mud

Towing Service Duluth | You never know when you’ll get a call that a family member or friend is stuck in the mud, in the ditch, or the snow and you may be tempted to jump in your car and rush to the scene to help pull the other vehicle out. There are a few things you need to know before you do this however, because pulling another car with your car can be dangerous. You’ll see that towing service in Duluth will be your best option for getting unstuck. 

Legality- Towing a car with a towrope may be legal, but you need to comply with all the road rules and regulations. When you aren’t a professional towing service in Duluth, you may not know the laws you must follow when towing a vehicle. 

Safety Risk- Your car can incur serious damage if you’re vehicle is not rated to tow the kind you are pulling or if you don’t do it correctly. Many newer vehicles require tilt-tray towing, and you won’t have power assistance to help steer the towed vehicles which can put stress on your vehicle. Towing services in Duluth have the professional vehicles needed to pull the car out of the mud safely. Two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles also need to be towed differently, and if you don’t understand where you pull the vehicle from, you can damage both cars. 

 Liability- If you are towing a vehicle with your car, or even just pulling it out of a ditch, you are responsible if anything happens to the car you’re towing while you are towing it. Your insurance may not cover any damages that incur while you are towing a car and you’ll have to be personally responsible for anything that happens. 

When you get the call that someone is stuck in the ditch, you should call Virgil’s towing service in Duluth at 507-216-9012.