Towing Service Duluth | The Most Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Towing Service Duluth | There is nothing more dreaded than the annoying check engine light. This is a light that can send drivers into a panic worrying about what could be wrong with their precious vehicle. Driver’s shouldn’t panic, though they should get the light checked by a towing service in Duluth, auto parts store or mechanic. There are seven most common reasons why your check engine light may be on, and not all of them are reasons to panic. 

  1. O2 Sensor- Your O2 sensors manage your car emissions and keep your car performing at its optimum efficiency levels. These sensors can fail and make the fuel economy decrease. This fix is pretty easy and not very costly. 
  2. Ignition Coil- The ignition coils ignite the spark plugs and work with the electric current from the battery. Your battery may die if your ignition coils are bad and even a jump-start from a towing service in Duluth won’t be able to get your battery running again. 
  3. Spark Plugs- Not keeping maintenance on your spark plugs and wiring can cause problems with your catalytic converter. When your check engine light comes on, and the spark plugs are the culprit, change them as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. 
  4. Airflow Sensors- The airflow sensors measure the amount of air coming off the engine and how much fuel can be added. The engine control unites cannot work appropriately when the airflow sensors are malfunctioning. Your check engine light will send a code for this. 
  5. EVAP System- Evaporative Emission Control System or EVAP systems stop the gasses from your engine from releasing into the air and causing air pollution. Loose or missing gas caps are the most common reason for your check engine light to come on due to EVAP emissions. Other system issues include leaks in the holes or vents. 

If your check engine light is on and you need a diagnostic help, call Virgil’s Towing service in Duluth at 507-216-9012.