Towing Duluth | How to Save Money on Your Towing in Duluth

Towing Duluth | Some people are hesitant to call towing in Duluth for assistance because they are wary of the bill for these services, especially when that payment is due upfront. They may not realize that there are several ways to save on your towing bill and still be able to take advantage of some amazing roadside services. Check out these tips on saving on your tow truck bill. 

  1. Call Your Insurance- You might not think your car insurance would be able to help you with your flat tire or dead battery, but you might have towing assistance covered in your car insurance. When you’re stranded on the side of the road, find out if you have roadside services as part of your coverage. 
  2. Do Your Research- You might not have time to research a lot of towing in Duluth companies when you’re in a rush or stranded, but if you have time, doing some research can save you some money. Some towing companies run ads that can save you money. 
  3. Check Your Credit Cards- Some credit card companies offer free roadside assistance. If you don’t need it often, this is a benefit you might not remember you have. Check your credit card benefits before swiping the card and paying upfront. 
  4. Roadside Assistance- Joining a monthly membership program for roadside assistance or car care is another way you can lower your towing bill. When you join a service like AAA, you can get towing when you need it without worrying about how to pay the bill. 

Sometimes we can’t get around needing towing in Duluth to help get us on our way and no matter the cost, we need to be able to hire a tow service we can trust to take care of our cars and our safety. Virgil’s towing is committed to providing the best towing in Duluth. Give them a call at 507-216-9012.