Tow Company Duluth | 5 Things to Make Sure Your Roadside Service Covers

Tow Company Duluth | Many people love the idea of a roadside assistance program because these programs reassure drivers that if something happens to them while they are on the road, there will be someone available to help them. However, not all roadside services are offered with every package, and you might find yourself in a situation where even your roadside program can’t help. Luckily, the five things you need to ensure your roadside assistance covers are the same five things that a tow company in Duluth will be able to provide. 

  1. Towing- Your roadside assistance program should cover towing when your vehicle is not drivable. Tow services are the basic level of service to expect from your roadside assistance. Most programs will tow within a certain number of miles. If you want a tow to a location outside of the service radius, you may have to pay extra. 
  2. Battery Services- We’ve all been stranded somewhere with a dead battery, and this is one of the most common reasons for needing roadside assistance. If your roadside assistance program won’t jump-start your car battery, a tow company can. 
  3. Flat Tire- The number one reason to call roadside assistance is for a flat tire. There are more people than you might think that don’t know how to change a tire or who don’t have a spare in their trunk. Roadside assistance programs can help change your tire, but it may be quicker to call a local tow company in Duluth. 
  4. Lockout Service- Most car keys have chips in them, and you’ll be lucky to have two sets. It’s not so easy to get in and out of your car without the specially formulated keys for your vehicle. When you lock your keys in your car and can’t get in, you’ll need to have roadside assistance that can unlock your car without damaging it. A tow company in Duluth can get your car unlocked quickly. 
  5. Fuel- Running out of gas is embarrassing, but roadside assistance can deliver you gas even in the middle of the highway.

When you’re roadside assistance falls short, call Virgil’s Tow Company in Duluth at 507-216-9012.